Information Security – File Security

This article discusses a very serious issue which most of us overlook. And that is data security. Most of the general public is unaware of the serious security and privacy risk in today’s digital age. I will briefly go over some of the issues, and discuss an easy way to protect your privacy.

In today’s digital age, it very important to know how your data is being accessed and by whom! With the advances of technology and the internet, more and more binance signals people are being connected and more and more devices are being connected for a more networked environment. This is great from several perspectives including the possibility of exchanging data easily between devices, and individuals.

For example, an architect works on the design of a new structure and with a click of a button submits the CAD drawing to the engineers for review and calculations. This process happens several times before the plans are finalized and submitted to the project manager and the contractor.

Now imagine a highly sensitive project being passed back and forth through e-mail or in this case through FTP or in very rare cases Document Management Systems. The files are open for anyone to intercept over the internet and tamper with the information. Perhaps running the risk of losing your intellectual property?

Now imagine a small business owner who perhaps shares his/her computer with employees. The computer hold highly sensitive data regarding employees and perhaps financial data that whoever has access to the computer can easily view.

A simple solution to protect you against such problems is by using encryption software. There are many different types of encryption software out in the market, but most are very complex to use. One such software is Ez-Crypto. Ez-Crypto is encryption software that has been specifically designed to help simplify the encryption of your files. With simple drag and drop functionality you can encrypt and protect your computer files in three simple steps.

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