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Looking for a few smart folks read the sign outside the mobile command center, which housed the founder of the Online Think Tank, but what was he Thinking and who are those guys anyway and what on Earth are they thinking about today? So glad you asked, as today was like any other day, today the range of topics was open.

Some of the subjects stemmed from conversations, others from current news events, still others from a stack of reading material as high as the ceiling – and growing by the hour. No these minds are not out of their cranial cradles and nor are they brains on drugs although the War on Boston Airport Limo Service Drugs was a topic, so let us begin to show you the inside of an Online Think Tank. The United States government and the DEA tells us that cocaine use is down amongst Americans, unfortunately methamphetamine usage is way up.

The war on drugs seems to be a self-sustaining war, because each time the drugs are confiscated. Generally large sums of cash are also collected in those sums are putting to use as part of the budget for the drug enforcement, but the legal drugs are not the only thing that Americans are talking about, what about generic drugs? Amgen is laying off 14% of its workforce and is having problems seen new drugs certify by the FDA.

One recent article in a pharmaceutical magazine was “Tidal Wave – Tsunami of Generic Drugs Cometh” in this has Wall Street concerned about the profitability in the future quarterly profits of many pharmaceutical companies. Remember there is a 20-year patent protection and some want to change this to 13 years, of course companies that specialize in R and D claim that this will cause them to choose fewer drugs to take to markets and may cause not them, but other companies to forgo some tests or cut corners.

Still 20% of Americans believe that generic drugs are not as good as the more expensive brand name drugs showing that lobbying is not the only thing that pays off, marketing and advertising do as well. Does this mean Thomas Jefferson was right to condemn advertising or does it just go to show that the old adage that you can only believe half of what you read correct?

Well, as one Online Think Tank adviser noticed, the New York Times “correction section” has grown to be 5 times what it was five years ago. Is it bad reporting, sloppy work or just a little opinion, guessing and questionable sentence structure art? Many say all of the above. But if you cannot trust the New York Times (NYT) on the small stuff, how can you trust them on the bigger stuff, like their coverage of Global Warming?

The NYT stated that the EU will be economically destroyed by Global Warming as the sea rises, while the US will survive and China will thrive economically during it all. Is this fortune telling, more telling of the NYTs political agenda or does it borderline on some truth foretold by an Ultra Liberal Futurist, with a new book deal and an angle to help it sell? Indeed, the NYTs did say that Hamas was an economic disaster for the Palestinians, which few could deny.

Indeed Hamas is an international terrorist organization and the State Department has them registered as such. Just because it is not a Franchise Type International Terrorist Organization like Al Qaeda does not mean it is not dangerous to itself, its followers and its neighbors. And speaking of Franchising, you know typically franchise companies sell more franchises and expand faster during times of economic slow down and the US Economy seems to be moving towards a downturn in the business cycle right now.

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